Life’s A Bowl of Cherries

…or more appropriately in this case, it’s two 10-lb buckets of them. I’ve been away from the blog for a while for a myriad of reasons, but mostly our new business venture and the wonderful distraction of travel.  More on travel in a future post (or several). We’ve officially purchased the dental practice where my…

Salsa Two Ways

How would you describe the perfect summer day?  What would you do?  Where would you go?  Who would be there? I was lucky enough to have a day like this a couple weekends ago–filled with love, family, sunshine, low humidity, good music, local foods and it ended with a visit to a food truck roundup….

Millions of Peaches

Yeah, you probably have that song in your head now.  You’re welcome! My dear cousin, Natalie, let me know about a farm who sends a truck of peaches up from FL. I’m usually a pretty locally-focused guy, but she swore these were the best peaches I’d ever eat so I took her at her word….

Tomato Bourbon Jam

This jam has become a perennial favorite in our house.  It’s an excellent way to use up either perfect tomatoes or those that might not be looking the best, but aren’t yet ready for the compost pile. I used this recipe with a few tweaks, of course.  Last year I added pectin, this year I didn’t….

Strawbeastie Jam!

Strawberries… lovely strawberries.  I grew up making strawberry jam every summer with mom.  It’s what taught me how to preserve–and how to avoid getting burned in the kitchen!  Every June, we used to pile into the van, load up with sunscreen and be sent out into the fields like little workers. I remember eating a…