Late Summer Harvest Soup

In Ohio, the fall is clearly here as evidenced by the slight yellowing/reddening of tree leaves, cooler temperatures, decreased humidity and dwindling supplies of fresh tomatoes.  Our home harvest has slowed significantly and my tomatillo just gave up its last few fruits.  I knew long ago I wanted to make some sort of green chili…

Salsa Two Ways

How would you describe the perfect summer day?  What would you do?  Where would you go?  Who would be there? I was lucky enough to have a day like this a couple weekends ago–filled with love, family, sunshine, low humidity, good music, local foods and it ended with a visit to a food truck roundup….

Tomato Bourbon Jam

This jam has become a perennial favorite in our house.  It’s an excellent way to use up either perfect tomatoes or those that might not be looking the best, but aren’t yet ready for the compost pile. I used this recipe with a few tweaks, of course.  Last year I added pectin, this year I didn’t….

Jalapeño-Cheddar Biscuits

I have stacks and stacks of old Bon Appetit magazines that Chad would really love to see me toss in the recycling bin.  I’m nowhere near being a hoarder and sure just about all of their recipes are online, but every now and then I really crave thumbing through an old paper issue and picking…