Local Foods Week

Once again, Columbus is celebrating Local Foods Week!  This year is the 4th annual celebration of the great bounty we enjoy from our own back yards.

Columbus is a foodie town, that’s been well established.  Publications including the Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post and others have all published articles giving Columbus its credit for the outstanding gustatory adventure you can have in the 15th largest city in the Union.

Throughout this week, I’ll be sharing posts about some of the local foods I love–recipes using local ingredients, a local farm festival & one of my favorite restaurants who specializes in showcasing local ingredients.  Meanwhile, check out these previous posts about local foods:

Review of That Food Truck (uses almost exclusively local ingredients)

Sweet Corn Salad & Venison Burgers (local veggies & meat)

Rhubarb Cocktail with OYO Vodka (made in Columbus)

Strawberry Jam made with local strawberries

To take the Local Foods Challenge, sign up here.  More information about Local Foods Week can be found at: http://local-matters.org/local-foods-week

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