Back to Basics: Scrambled Eggs

Activity-filled weekends mixed with the desire to sleep in don’t often leave much time for cooking in the morning.  On those mornings, I keep things simple.  Breakfast might be a little peanut or almond butter on toast, or maybe a cup of Greek yogurt topped with oats/nuts and a tsp of honey or homemade jam….

What’s The Word, Curd?

I want to tell you today about something new to me that I’ve fallen in love with–blueberry curd. Even more than that, I want to tell you about Kate.  She inspires me. At the risk of sharing too much about her, I’ll try to be brief.

Shaken, Not Stirred

I freely admit that I’m highly susceptible to the power of suggestion. I recently read a recipe in Bon Appetit for a shaken egg white cocktail. Fast forward a few days to when I was in the mood for a nightcap. I decided to give it a try. Here’s what I did:

Waste Not, Want Not

It’s no secret that I cook quite a bit. I’m also pretty keen on not wasting things–probably comes from growing up in a not-so-wealthy home & learning to do most things from scratch. Specifically in the kitchen, I like to save where I can. Here are some things I do to keep waste to a…

Compound Butter

Ever have those moments in the kitchen where you have an epiphany about how to use something that’s not getting any fresher?  Well, I made some creme fraiche not long ago using Snowville cream.  I was so excited about it, too!  We got to enjoy it in a few savory applications as well as sweet…

Salsa Two Ways

How would you describe the perfect summer day?  What would you do?  Where would you go?  Who would be there? I was lucky enough to have a day like this a couple weekends ago–filled with love, family, sunshine, low humidity, good music, local foods and it ended with a visit to a food truck roundup….

Strawbeastie Jam!

Strawberries… lovely strawberries.  I grew up making strawberry jam every summer with mom.  It’s what taught me how to preserve–and how to avoid getting burned in the kitchen!  Every June, we used to pile into the van, load up with sunscreen and be sent out into the fields like little workers. I remember eating a…

How to Prepare Leeks

To prepare the leeks, I rinse them well, chop off all of the dark green (usually right where the leaves separate from the stalk) and the bottom 1/2″ of the root end.  Now, slice them once from end to end.  Lay flat side on the cutting board and cut into 1/2″ wide half-moon shapes.  Set…

Poisson en Papillote

One of my favorite things to do is entertain, filling the seats around our table with good friends enjoying whatever anyone puts on it.  Now that we have a proper table–visible in the header at the top of the page–we’ll definitely be doing more of it! So, when I wanted to try a new method…