Spring Cleaning Challenge

Loving to cook and not wanting to waste means our freezer fills up pretty regularly. I also like to make large batches of things like soup to enjoy on days when I don’t feel like/have time for cooking.

The bad part is I also get bored eating the same things often and I want to try something new. That’s not a bad thing except for the fact that the freezer is now a bit too full. Sure, we have a deep freeze in the basement but it’s just time to have a clean out.

For this entire week, we’re going to try to:

  • NOT eat out
  • NOT go to the grocery store
  • use up the ingredients in the freezer, and
  • use only what’s in the pantry, fridge and basement food storage

We’ll see how this goes!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rachel Tayse says:

    I’ve done several of these pantry challenges. My family hates them but I feel better when I unearth and use neglected foods. Good luck!

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